Digital Read-Out
 KD-200, KD-300




DRO Features:
Position recall when re-start power.
Machining position can be divided automatically for holes around circle.
Center point.
9 machining files set in memory. (More files can be set upon request.)
mm/inch display switch.
Z axis machining screen for EDM. (For KD-300 only.)
Radius / Diameter display for any axis.
Tolerance compensation.
Search home point when power re-started.
Available for any brand of linear scale.
DRO Additional features for working with AT715 linear scale:
Works as 1μ or 5μ for same scale of AT715 series.
The machining position keeps tracked once power failure.
AT715 scale is waterproof & oilproof.
Remark: The DRO can work with AT715 is KD200 / KD300 or Mitutoyo KA12 only.
DRO Environment condition:
Power: AC 85V ~ AC 264V, 50/60 HZ
Consumption: 20 KVA
Operation temperature: 0 ~ 45
Storage temperature: -30 ~ 70